MediaCenter en linux Element OS 1.4

Lo que sabemos es que  es un sistema operativo basado en Xubuntu y  diseñado para convertirse en un media center.

Element trae consigo con un set de aplicaciones preinstaladas que nos ayudaran a realizar muchas tareas que se hacen sobre una distribución de escritorio. Esas aplicaciones son:

  • XBMC Media Center
  • Firefox Web Browser
  • Decibel Music Player
  • VLC Media Player
  • Brasero CD/DVD Utility
  • gThumb Image Manager
  • Thunar File Manager
  • Transmission Bittorrent
  • Cooliris

Podremos disponer de otras aplicaciones visitando su página de Addons & Extras. Por tanto si no nos gusta XBMC podremos instalar con un solo click Moovida o Boxee.

Lista de los principales cambios desde la versión 1.3:

  • Firefox Web Browser has been updated to version 3.6.8 and as usual configured for ten foot interfaces. Many people suggested we switch to Chromium, which unfortunately would need major UI rewrites so for now we are continuing to rely on Firefox, simply because from a usability standpoint it is much more friendly in a 10′ interface environment.
  • E-Bar Editor has undergone a minor revision of its toolbar and some usability changes. You no longer have to remember to refresh before closing, if you’ve made changes to the bar it will now prompt you to refresh before exiting the editor.
  • HDMI Audio Switch has underwent minor revisions and now displays your current settings and configurations. Remember you still have to enable your switches in the XFCE Mixer however.
  • Element Slim Settings, labeled Login Settings in the menu is a new utility that includes the ability to switch between several login themes and enable AutoLogin functionality through a GUI. This is a feature our users have been asking for.
  • Numerous orphaned and un-needed packages that may have been dependent onsoftware that were in earlier Element versions has been removed. So even though the iso is still around 625MB the removed packages freed up space on for the above mentioned updates.

Descarga la imagen del LiveCD de Element 1.2 desde su página de descargas.



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